Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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5 Problems with Having a Friendly Divorce

Arizona Divorce Law

Although divorce by its very nature indicates there is a deep relationship rift, many people strive to have a friendly divorce. Most of the time, this is an excellent goal. The more civil and smooth the divorce process is, the easier it is for everyone to heal and for your children to adapt and move on. While a friendly divorce is often best, there can be some real issues with this type of divorce.

–  Dishonesty. While you might think everything really is ok and you and your ex are going to move through the divorce process with good intentions, it is possible your ex is doesn’t really have the same good intentions you do. If you are too trusting and don’t do your due diligence, your ex could hide assets to come out ahead in the divorce. A friendly divorce should not mean you don’t make sure everything is done properly.

Boundaries. While you want your children to get through the divorce with as little upheaval as possible, a friendly divorce can result in a lack of boundaries as you parent together. Is it ok if your ex walks into your home uninvited? How much of your personal life do you want him or her to know? Exactly which holidays are you going to share and how much time is included in that? It is helpful to work out some boundaries as you begin to co-parent.

– Giving up things you are entitled to. Some people feel having a no-conflict divorce is so important that they decide not to ask for or pursue things they are entitled to (such as child support or spousal support) because they know it will disrupt the seemingly friendly divorce. It’s important to remember that rights like these will impact your life for years to come while displeasure on your spouse’s part about what you are asking for is likely temporary.

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