Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Are Grandparents Playing The Role Of Mom And Dad More Often?

Arizona Divorce Law

Aside from issues of grandparental visitation, there seems to be an increasing number of cases where the grandparents are acting as the parents after a divorce. This may be the result of an increase not only in divorces where one parent is absent, but also in cases where the parties were not married and a single parent family has been formed. Whatever the cause, it is important to understand the role a grandparent plays in the life of your child.

After a divorce, the family dynamic is completely changed. In a tight economy it is not unusual to see one of the parties moving back home, in with mom and dad. In those cases, we are seeing more and more grandparents slide into a parental role. This can be beneficial to your child in more than one way, such as:

●          Strong familial bonds are formed in a multi-generational way.

●          Traditions and customs are passed down, which helps to maintain a strong sense of family.

●          Much needed emotional and/or financial support is available for the family.

Most kids are comfortable with their grandparents, and this type of arrangement can be seen as a real bonus to a child of divorce. The support a grandparent provides can help a child to better understand their parents’ divorce, and help the child to develop crucial coping skills. The key is to finding a plan that works, and does not take away from a non-custodial parent’s time with the kids. We can help you to identify your parenting plan needs, and help you come up with solutions that meet your needs. Call one of our qualified family law attorneys today to learn more.

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