Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead

Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead

By: The Sampair Group

Create Reasonable Expectations for Your Attorney

Arizona Divorce Law

Your attorney is your best source of information and advice in your divorce case. He knows the facts in your case, understands your point of view, and is familiar with the judge and the law. You can expect your attorney to be able to explain the law, offer recommendations, and solve many of your legal problems. While there is a lot your attorney can do for you, there are some things that are beyond his abilities and it’s best to have the right expectations.

Your attorney cannot be your therapist. Although you will spend a lot of time talking about your divorce with your lawyer, her role is to guide you through the legal part of the divorce. Although she is likely very empathetic and understanding, she isn’t trained in helping people cope with the emotional aspects of a divorce. Many people see a therapist to help them work through the issues involved in the divorce.

While your lawyer can make a lot of things happen for your benefit in the courtroom, it’s important to remember that what happens in your case is controlled by the law. Your attorney knows how to present your case and get the best results possible, but in the end the outcome is governed by the laws of Arizona.

The bulk of a divorce is about money and unfortunately when you’re dividing the assets of a marriage between two people, there usually isn’t as much as you would like. You and your spouse have a set combined income that supported your household and now that same amount has to support two households. For most people, it’s a stretch. Your attorney will make the best skilled argument to get you the best possible outcome, but he can’t create more money.

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