Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Divorce Books Help Kids Cope

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Talking about divorce with your children is hard. You are still working through your own feelings about the divorce.  Finding a way to give your kids the information they need in a supportive and healthy way can seem challenging. While it’s important to talk with your child and answer his or her questions, one way to jump start a conversation is to provide your child with some age-appropriate books about divorce. Read the books with your child and talk about the issues they bring up as you go.  Books about divorce can help you find ways to word things and help you answer your child’s questions. The books also help your child understand he or she is not alone and that other kids are going through the same situation. However it is imperative that you do not discuss the details of your own divorce with the children. That can be very destructive to the kids.

Picture books help preschool and elementary age children think about divorce. Reading the books several times will allow your child to develop an understanding of the material and feel comfortable talking about the topic. Some good picture books are:

It’s Not Your Fault KoKo Bear by Vicki Lansky

Dinosaurs Divorce by Marc Brown

Two Homes by Claire Masurel

When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Preteens and teens can also get help from books written for their age group. You and your child could read these books out loud or you could read the book then share it with your child and talk about it together. Some recommended books for preteens and teens include:

The Divorce Help Book for Teens by Cynthia McGregor

A Smart Girl’s Guide to Her Parents’ Divorce by Nancy Holyoke

What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce? by Kent Winchester

Check your local library or your child’s school library for copies if you don’t want to purchase them.

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