Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Surprise Family Law: Divorce Myths vs. Facts

Arizona Divorce Law

Myth #1: One In Two Marriages Ends In Divorce

It’s that dreadful 50 percent statistic you’re always hearing about from your friends. Even if your spouse is your high school sweetheart or someone you only knew for several months before marriage, your vows aren’t necessarily doomed. Since the 1980s, the divorce rate has actually been steadily decreasing, and what actually increases the rate is the people that are getting divorce and remarried multiple times. This fact also debunks the myth that second marriages are more likely to last than first marriages.

Myth #2: Living Together Before Marriage Reduces The Chance of Divorce

While not fully understood, research shows that couples that live together before marriage have a higher chance of divorce. One reason may be that people who are willing to cohabit may also be more willing to file for divorce when things go awry. If living together is purely out of necessity and not necessarily by logical decision, it could be detrimental to the relationship. Moving in together before marriage should be a decision that is made carefully.

Myth #3: Divorce Is Extremely Expensive

Sure, celebrities go through the constant “million dollar divorce” settlements, but these aren’t normal divorce cases. Surprise family law attorneys at The Sampair Group know that divorce doesn’t have to be an expensive or purely complicated process. Civil mediation and conflict resolution can greatly reduce the financial impact of a divorce and prevent high-priced legal proceedings.

Myth #4: Divorce Doesn’t Permanently Impact Children

Studies have shown that divorce can have very negative impacts on children that stay with them throughout their lives. These problems include depression and interpersonal problems that can stay with them through adulthood after going through the trauma of their parents divorcing.

Don’t let myths about divorce make you weary of looking into the right resources to protect your rights. A Glendale family law attorney at The Sampair Group will guide you through the process while respecting your rights and the circumstances of your case. Contact us today at Sampair Group.