Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead

Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead

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Five Things To Know About Spousal Support

Arizona Divorce Law

One of the greatest fears of those going through divorce is how they will support themselves and their kids on one income. In most families, both parents work and contribute to the financial well-being of their family. But with families of divorce, there is only one working parent at each house and this can make it hard to maintain the same lifestyle that was in place during the marriage. This is especially true if one of the spouses opted to stay home and raise the kids rather than pursue a career. When that is the case, the spouse that stayed home may be entitled to spousal support from their ex. The purpose of alimony is to get the non-working spouse back on their financial feet after the divorce, so they can reenter the workforce and find a job that allows them to provide support for their family.

Spousal maintenance is determined by statue, and there are five things to know about how it is calculated and whether you qualify; those five things include:

  • What is the income level of each party?
  • What educational needs will need to be met before the spouse asking for support will be able to seek employment? And, what are the employment prospects for the spouse seeking support payments?
  • How long was the marriage?
  • Was there a certain standard of living established, such that the spouse asking for support would expect to continue living in that fashion?
  • Is there a lack of resources available to the party asking for support, such that the party seeking payments is not able to care for themselves financially.

It is also possible to present evidence to the Court of any special circumstances that exist in in your case. Once the evidence is in, a decision will be made as to the amount of support paid, and the length of payment. We know how hard it can be to start over after divorce, and this can be made all the more difficult if you lack the financial resources needed to begin your life anew. We can help by examining the facts of your case and fighting for a fair award of support. Call our office today for more information.

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