Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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How to Know If You Should Get a Divorce

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Deciding to file for divorce is a big decision. It’s common to be unsure if you really want a divorce or not. A divorce has long lasting implications for everyone in the family. It’s normal to be want to be absolutely sure before you take any action.  Consider these items when weighing your decision.

  • Counseling. Even if you are very unhappy in your marriage, counseling may be a way to repair your marriage and save you the expense, heartache, and upheaval a divorce brings. Seeing a counselor together is the best way to try to work on your marriage. If your spouse won’t go, seeing a therapist on your own can help you work through the decisions you have to make and find ways to cope with the difficult moments.
  • Your financial life after divorce. While the idea of divorcing may seem good to you, the reality of the finances can be eye-opening. Mentally divide your marital assets and debts roughly in half. Determine what your income will be (factoring in child support and possibly spousal support) and create a monthly budget for yourself for life after divorce. Where can you afford to live? How much will you owe in monthly payments? Picture what your life will truly be like. Understanding the realities can help you make the decision.
  • Think about the parenting implications. If you have children, a divorce will mean you and your ex will need a parenting plan in which you share time with your child. This means you won’t see your child every day and you will also most likely share holidays and vacations with your ex. This can be a very difficult adjustment for some parents and one that should be carefully considered before filing for divorce.

When you are considering divorce, you need to get the facts about your rights. The Sampair Group services all of Maricopa County and our attorneys are ready to discuss your options with you today.