Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Is There Any Hope For Josh And Anna Duggar?

Arizona Divorce Law

When hackers reported they’d gotten into infidelity website Ashley Madison’s list of customers, the fallout was an unknown. Certainly we all figured marriages would unravel, and plenty of spouses would find the living room couch a more welcoming place to sleep than the master bed. As the events continue to unfold, one of the more reported stories associated with the leak is that of quasi-celebrity couple Josh and Anna Duggar. The pair were already in the middle of trying to repair the damage done by revelations that Josh had molested several girls, some his sisters, years ago. Then the blow came that Josh also had an account on the cheating website. In the aftermath of the news, the public has chimed in and many are calling for Anna to leave Josh.

As with all issues that belong to someone else though, the decision does not lie with society, it is in the hands of the Duggars and likely their family. Entertainment Online ran a story in the days after the scandal, and the report is that the couple is together and trying to work on their marriage. Some highlights of the report are that:

●          Josh and Anna have retreated to a private residence in Arkansas, to avoid the public eye.

●          Anna’s brother has made public statements about his brother-in-law, and has said he believes his sister should leave Josh. However, Anna is still at Josh’s side.

The fact Anna has not yet left may speak volumes, and given the deeply held religious beliefs of the family, it seems unlikely divorce is in the cards. Were the couple to divorce though, issues of where their four kids would live and what type of visitation would be allowed seems a likely hot topic. Josh’s activities may raise questions about parenting, and if any danger to the kids is suspected the Court would step in to make a decision. Watching this story play out in the media may give insight into just how involved the Courts get during a family law issue, and that could be helpful to people in similar situations. For us, our goal is to protect your kids and make sure the results of your case make sense. We do not express an opinion as to the Duggar family, and only use this story as an example of the types of issues that could likely arise if a divorce were to be filed. If you have questions about your specific case, call us for an appointment so we can review your matter and the law as it relates to the unique factors you are facing.

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