Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Make The Most Of Your Initial Consultation at The Sampair Group

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At The Sampair Group, our Glendale family law attorneys provide our potential clients with the benefit of having a free initial consultation regarding your family law case.

An initial consultation allows us to meet with our client and discuss information regarding their case and the legal issues that are involved. After going over all of this information, our attorneys will be able to let the client know their legal rights, and the options they have for moving forward with a divorce case.

Preparing for a divorce consultation is very important. This includes preparing for the meeting emotionally. You may have to discuss some things with your divorce lawyer that you don’t necessarily discuss with others, including very personal details regarding your marriage and family difficulties.

Organize all documents regarding any assets that are between you and your spouse. This includes bank accounts, retirement funds, businesses, automobiles, and homes or property. Also included with these documents should be any kind of debts that you and your spouse share, such as mortgages, equity loans, bank loans, student loans and importantly, credit card debt. Showing all of these documents and discussing them in your initial consultation will allow your attorney to get an idea of your financial situation and how they can legally approach it.

Income is also something that should be a topic of discussion in your initial consultation. For your attorney, knowing the income of you and your spouse will help them determine how much child support or spousal maintenance will be paid or received after the divorce.

Always bring to any meeting with your lawyer copies of legal documents that you already have. This may include prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, divorce summons, orders of protection or domestic incident reports that you may be able to present for your side of the case. Always make sure that you and your lawyer each have copies of these documents, but make sure you keep the original copies for yourself in a safe space.

Always be truthful with information and answers to the questions and discussions that your lawyer may have with you. Being truthful and upfront will help your lawyer to be able to help more effectively with your case when they better understand your situation.

Meeting with a divorce attorney for the first time can be an uncomfortable situation, especially considering the emotions you are going through already. Gather whatever you can for the initial consultation and your lawyer will assist you with anything else you need if you are unsure. All information that you disclose to the Glendale divorce attorneys at The Sampair Group in a consultation is confidential. Contact us today at for more information on how to schedule a free consultation today.