Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Managing Children’s Belongings and Custodial Transfers

Child Custody Law

Getting your child ready and out the door is challenging task for any parent on any day, but once you add custodial transfers to the long list of schools, practices, games, and lessons, it can become hard to keep track of what has to get packed up when. Making sure the right things get packed, sent with your and child, and returned is a challenge no matter how old your child is. Even older teenagers benefit from a parent double-checking everything, because forgotten items ruin not only your child’s day but yours as well when you get the phone call that you need to retrieve something.

The necessities that need to travel between your home and the other parent’s home vary with age and by child, so it is important to think carefully about what your child needs and when he needs it. Absolute essentials at any age include medicine, school books, homework, daycare required items, clothes, and toiletries.

Young children likely have comfort items and favorite toys they will want wherever they are. Formula and baby food may need to be transferred with infants. Older children need to bring everything they need for school and any activities they are going to while with the other parent, so it’s helpful to glance at the calendar and review where your child will be when. Technology items, including charger cords and headsets are especially important to most kids. Don’t forget school items, including things like sheet music, books, projects, and notices that need to go to the other parent.

To make sure everything gets packed, keep a list in your phone or on your fridge, so you can double-check each time. It’s useful to maintain one bag that is designated as the bag that will travel back and forth. It may be a good idea for one parent to purchase duplicates of items like toiletries, charger cords, and pajamas so they can just be left at each home. Duplicates of prescription medications is also a good idea.

When your child leaves the non-custodial parent’s residence, there needs to be a scan of the bag and the items on the list to make sure everything that needs to go home is packed.

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