Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Protecting Your Job During Divorce

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A divorce can turn your personal life upside down. At this time of great financial change, you need to be able to stay on stable footing at your job though. Keeping a divorce from impacting your employment can be a challenge. Follow these tips to protect your job during divorce.

Ramp up your productivity. You’re going to probably miss some work to deal with court dates and attorney appointments, so make a point to be a better employee when you are there. Try to get more done and reduce your downtime. Put in extra effort when possible. Staying focused on work can also help you take a break from the divorce itself and be good for your mental health.

Manage your stress. Divorce is known a stressor and your heightened stress level can influence your performance at work. Physical activity, hobbies, time with friends, meditation, and therapy can all help you deal with your stress. Just being aware of your stress level alone can help you monitor and manage your behavior at work.

Be honest with your supervisor. It can help to tell your boss what’s going on and to reassure him or her that you don’t intend to allow it to impact your work. If you keep quiet, it’s possible your boss will hear about the divorce through other channels and have an eye out for attendance problems or work decreases from you. Talking to your boss yourself can help emphasize how committed you are to your job and increase his or her confidence in you.

Remember that you are human. Everyone has bad days and a divorce certainly can be blamed for causing many bad days. If you make a mistake at work, do what you can to make it right and then pick up and move forward.

Let success be the best revenge. If you are angry about your divorce, you can let this work for you. You can turn your focus on achieving success for yourself. Make your job your new priority and a big part of your future plans.

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