Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Staying Together For The Kids, Celebrity Style

Arizona Divorce Law

The decision to get divorced is a hard one to make, even if you think it best. People get divorced, or choose to stay together for many reasons. Sometimes the family finances are such that divorce is out of the question, and in other instances staying together to raise children can prevent a divorce. But is sticking it out for the sake of your kids really a good idea? Counselors and therapists would say “no”, but that does not stop people from making the decision to call off or steer clear of divorce for that very reason.

In 2015 scandal rocked one of TV’s most famous families, the Duggars, when it was revealed the older Duggar son had engaged in extramarital relationships and molested underage girls in his past. Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, has now reportedly decided not to divorce Josh. One of the reasons Anna gives for her change of heart is that she believes she is expecting the couple’s fifth child. Just how this decision will play out remains to be seen, but generally speaking the trouble with staying together for the sake of the kids includes:

  • The example set for children when they see their parents in a struggling marriage is undesirable. Kids often mimic the behavior they see, and seeing an unhealthy relationship between their parents may lead to rebellion, socially unacceptable behavior, and taking part in unhealthy relationships themselves.
  • Children are pretty in tune to when things are not right, and no amount of trying to hide a problem or mask an emotion can keep the truth from being revealed. It is better to show your kids how to handle conflict head on than to show them how to avoid a problem.
  • The emotional trauma from remaining in an unhappy marriage can trickle down to your kids, making for an unhappy family.

Taking the first step towards divorce is usually the hardest, but putting a plan in motion can help to ease the anxiety associated with ending a marriage. Our goal is to help you get to results that work for you, without struggling. This might include enlisting the help and support of therapists, financial planners, or other professionals. The key is obtaining results that let you live your life after divorce with a positive outlook. Call today for more information about divorce, and what you can expect.

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