Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Three Reasons Why Divorcing Young Might Be Right For You

Arizona Divorce Law

The “normal” course of life is that after high school we go to college. For many, college is a time of “firsts”. You might attend your first tailgating party while in college, have your first experience in a social club or study group, or even meet your first love while at college. It is no secret that a lot of college couples who get married, end up divorced a short time later. Making the decision to get married and divorced at a young age can be hard, but it can also provide you with some valuable insight into some of life’s hardest lessons.

The Huffington Post identifies three things that you might be surprised to learn if you get divorced while in your twenties:

  • You may learn that you are a happy person, capable of living on your own and happy to make decisions for yourself. Younger couples without kids, who later divorce, can find themselves able to enjoy being single and doing things that parents and other couples with more of a set routine are unable to do.
  • The optimism that so many young people have can mean that divorce is an opportunity to further your education or find your true passion. The longer you wait to take up a new hobby or take a year off to do volunteer work, the less likely it becomes you will be able to do so as you get older. Doing these things after divorce can help you to “find yourself” and make plans to do things that make a difference to you.
  • You will learn that being alone is not the end of the world. When you are young and capable of travel or doing other things, you can soon realize that the person’s company you most enjoy is your own. Divorcing young can give you courage and confidence that is hard to come by as the years progress.

Another positive to divorcing at a young age is that you are less likely to have accumulated a great deal of property, which can make your case more smooth. Without a large estate to divide, it may be easier to come to an agreement faster and move forward with your life.

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