Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Three Ways A “Work Spouse” Can Ruin Your Marriage

Arizona Divorce Law

We’ve all heard the phrase “work husband” or “work wife”, used to refer to that one person at the office that you connect with the most; on a professional level. But, sometimes the relationship you have with your work spouse can start to cause problems at home, with your real spouse. When this happens, if steps are not taken to remedy the situation, it is not uncommon for your marriage to end in divorce. Having a work spouse is typical in nearly every line of work, but even more so for celebrities. Stars spend a lot of time together, and so it is not unusual to share a bond with a co-star who also happens to be your co-worker.

Perhaps one of the most well-known “work spouse couples” today is that of Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. The pair are co-hosts, along with Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams, popular singing show The Voice. Both Blake and Gwen have recently split from their at home spouses, and are now a couple. While not every relationship that is formed at work spells disaster you’re your marriage, there are three ways a work spouse can ruin your marriage, including:

  • Spending more time with people you work with rather than with your spouse at home can cause distance to grown between you and your family. When too much distance is created, it is hard to build a solid foundation.
  • When you start confiding in a work spouse rather than your real spouse, feelings of betrayal and mistrust often follow. This can be the beginning of the demise of your marriage.
  • When lines are crossed at work, it is hard to bounce back and show affection at home. If you or your spouse feel unloved or undesirable, it is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

For those that decide to take their “work spouse” relationship to the next level, a divorce is nearly always in the cards. If a divorce is filed, you will have to sort out issues like child custody and visitation, support, and division of assets. We can help. Call us today to find out more about divorce, and what you can expect if you are thinking about filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers.

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