Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead

Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead

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Two Dads On One Wedding Day

Arizona Divorce Law

Getting married is one of the biggest highlights of a young girl’s life, and for most dads the day comes all too soon. This happy day is usually preceded by a lot of planning, and in some cases that planning takes its toll on the bride and groom and even their close friends and family. So it comes as no surprise that for daughters of divorced parents, the issue of who gets to walk the bride down the aisle is a gut wrenching decision to make. In recent years this time tested tradition has evolved, with some girls making the choice to walk alone or even with the groom at their side. But one way to get over this difficult hurdle is to include both the biological father, and a stepdad in the moment. This can be hard to do for families that are struggling with the aftermath of divorce, but can also turn out beautifully.

One example captured on video, shows how two dads on one wedding day really can work. In the video the father of the bride stops to grab the stepdad on his journey up the aisle, and it worked out just perfectly for the family. We understand getting to this point can be hard, but here are some helpful tips on how you can work with your ex for the benefit of your children:

  • Agree to disagree with your ex, especially when the children are present. If you implement a plan while your kids are young that prevents you from arguing in front of your children, the benefits of having parents that get along with follow your kids through to their adult life. As an added bonus, you will feel less anxiety and be better able to communicate with your ex and their family.
  • When a new romantic partner enters the picture, take a moment to get to know this person as best you can. After all, this person will be an influential part of your kids’ lives and it is in everyone’s best interest to be respectful of one another. Doing so will also be a good example to your children on how to deal with difficult situations without conflict.
  • Take the time to discover things you enjoy doing on your own, and as a family. When you are happy with your own life, it is easier to be happy and encouraging in the lives of others.

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