Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: The Sampair Group

What Is A Gray Divorce?

Arizona Divorce Law

A key part of the wedding vows is the “until death do us part” line. Years ago it was more common for couples to make it to this point, but today there are more and more divorces by people over 50. These types of proceedings are referred to as “gray divorces” and in recent years the number of divorces in this age category has significantly increased.

The phenomenon is so common that it has doubled in the last 25 years! Gray Divorce cases require special attention, because the issues faced by this demographic are unique. For instance, the following situations are more likely to arise in a gray divorce than in other divorce cases:

  • Economic hardship is more likely.
  • Serious health problems arise more frequently for people in this age group and the stress and emotional toll of divorce can contribute to existing medical issues.
  • The likelihood that the divorcee will need to rely on an older child for support is more likely in a gray divorce, and this can put a significant strain on familial relationships.

Part of the increase in divorces over the age of 50 can be attributed to longer life spans now than in the past. Another contributing factor is the influx of women in the workplace. With more and more women completing higher education courses and obtaining the same degrees as men, women are more independent than they have historically been. There is no longer the need to rely on a husband for financial support and this gives many women the confidence to get out of an unhappy relationship. With a gray divorce it is less likely that issues regarding children will need to be resolved, as most kids of gray divorcees are themselves grown. However, other important issues must be decided and careful attention still given to those issues. We can help you through the process and get to solutions that meet your needs.

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