Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Zero Only Equals Love In Tennis

Arizona Divorce Law

If you are a fan of tennis, it is a well-known fact that a score of “love” means neither player has yet to score a point. Associating love with the word zero is strange, and has long been the subject of late night and daytime talk show jokes. Unfortunately, tennis is just about the only place where zero equals love. It is much more common for the term zero to have a negative connotation, and romance is one area where that is most certainly a true statement.

Take a look at this list of celebrity duos whose time together was a whopping zero years, or close to it:

  • Drew Barrymore and Tom Green, married less than a year.
  • The King of Rock’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley was married to an Elvis mega fan, Nicolas Cage, for less than one year.
  • Teen sensation turned tabloid hot topic Britney Spears was married to hometown friend Jason Alexander (not of Seinfeld fame) for a mere 55 hours!
  • Eminem and Kim Mathers, known for their troubled romance, were married under a year.
  • Katie Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage lasted two years.

Sometimes the length of marriage plays a role in the results obtained during divorce. In order to protect yourself, and to make sure the end result is fair, the use of a skilled family law attorney is essential. Just because a marriage is short does not mean there are fewer issues to address at divorce. The same topics arise with divorce of shorter marriages as come up when a couple who has been together for decades decides to dissolve their marriage. In every divorce the Court will enter orders regarding distribution of assets and liabilities, will approve a parenting plan, and will order child support to be paid. The parties can sometimes agree on the terms of some of these things, but the Court must still approve the agreement by entering the final decree. Our approach is to treat every case uniquely, giving attention to the details that make the most difference to you. For help with your divorce, call our office.

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