Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Blindsides Aren’t Just For Football

Arizona Divorce Law

Hollywood A-lister Sandra Bullock shot to fame with her role as Keanu Reeve’s bus driving partner in the film Speed and hasn’t looked back since. One of Bullock’s more memorable roles was in The Blindside, a story about a real life NFL player who was taken in by a local family during his high school years. But if television and movies have taught us anything, it is that a blindside isn’t just used in football. Nearly every week there is a new castaway caught off guard on the reality show Survivor and even parties to legal proceedings can be in for a surprise.

Being caught unaware is not the way legal proceedings are supposed to take place, because there are certain rules in place that require the parties to disclose relevant information so each side can properly prepare their case. However, being legally blindsided is exactly what just happened to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star Yolanda Hadid. Here is what Hadid has to say about how she learned of the divorce and what happened next:

• Hadid learned her husband David Foster was seeking a divorce during a shoot for the show.
• Hadid and Foster have had little communication since that time, but are in touch “here and there” according to the star.
• Hadid believes her illness with Lyme disease played a role in the decision to divorce.

Whatever the reason for your divorce, you can rest assured we take our job to keep on top of the case seriously. Our approach is one that includes constant contact with you, as well as with the other side. Our policy is to fully disclose all of the facts required by law to be disclosed and expect the same from our opposition. We take an aggressive stand against unprofessional conduct and always work with you to make sure all key pieces of evidence and information are identified. One way we do this is by conducting a thorough investigation into your case and confirming the facts with you while also examining the information provided by the other side. When things appear incomplete or inaccurate we take the necessary legal steps to flush out what’s missing and make sure nothing is overlooked. For answers to your questions about divorce, how to discover assets, and what to expect during your case call our office today.
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