Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Divorce Attorneys at The Sampair Group Open New Location In Glendale, AZ

Arizona Divorce Law

Patrick Sampair provides family law service to the Glendale and Peoria areas with the new location of The Sampair Group.

The Sampair Group has opened a new location to better serve their clients in the Phoenix Valley by reaching the Glendale area. Their new office is located at 17235 N. 75th Ave. in Glendale and allows residents of surrounding areas to have access to the family law services provided by Attorney at Law Patrick Sampair.

With the opening of this location, The Sampair Group can more effectively serve the Glendale and Peoria areas with legal representation in court cases involving family matters. The family law services provided to these Phoenix Valley areas include a range of focused topics that typically prove to be emotionally trying for any family. Because of this, the family law attorneys at The Sampair Group express sensitivity and patience throughout each case.

Patrick Sampair and The Sampair Group represent clients in cases involving divorce, legal separation, annulment, child custody, orders of protection, paternity, community property and more. With Patrick Sampair’s extensive experience and credentials, he and The Sampair Group are Arizona’s trusted source of legal counsel for any family law case.

About The Sampair Group

The Sampair Group serves Glendale and Mesa, AZ with family law services ranging from child custody and divorce to paternity cases and community property. Patrick Sampair is has years of experience and knowledge in the fields of family law to provide quality and compassionate legal counsel to the Phoenix area. More information can be found online at The Sampair Group.