Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Four Questions To Ask Before Getting Divorced

Arizona Divorce Law

If you are thinking about getting divorced, it is helpful to know what is involved. Ending a marriage is not a decision to make without first giving it serious thought, and knowing what to expect during a divorce case will prepare you for what lies ahead. If possible, you will want to discuss several key issues with your spouse, and see if there is any chance an agreement can be made. If not, you will need to take note of what is most important to you and where you may be able to compromise. This will help your divorce attorney know where to focus their efforts, so the results reached meet your needs..

Arizona divorce statutes set forth the rules and procedures that apply to divorce proceedings, and having the right family law attorney on your side is your assurance that these rules and procedures are applied to your case properly. Before you sit down with your attorney to come up with a strategy and game plan, be prepared to answer these four questions:

  • If your marriage beyond repair, or is there a chance that you might be able to reconcile with your spouse? If you believe reconciliation is in the cards, it is perfectly fine to give that a chance before making the move to file for divorce. For many people, it is helpful to know every effort to salvage the relationship has been made before the case is filed.
  • Have you discussed where the kids will live? If so, is there a mutual agreement as to the primary residence, or are you unable to reach an agreement with your spouse. Knowing what type of fight you will be up against regarding your most precious assets; your kids, will help get you in the frame of mind needed for the battle.
  • Has a parenting plan been discussed? If so, is it a plan that fits your schedule and allows your children to continue participation in the activities they enjoy?
  • Has there been a discussion about who pays what bills, and who gets what property? Aside from issues regarding kids, issues about finances are usually the most heavily contested issues in a case.

If you have an idea about the answers to any of these questions before you file for divorce, it can set the tone for the case. Any element of consistency or having an issue decided as expected can help ease the stress of getting divorced. Call us for help.

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