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How do you file for divorce after 24 years of being separated?

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Question: How do you file for divorce after 24 years of being separated?

My mother has been seperated from my father for over 24 years. She doesn’t know where he lives. The last known residence was a prison in St. John’s, Arizona. She is looking to get remarried. How do you get a divorce without the other party present?


In order to obtain a divorce in Arizona, the Petitioner must serve the filed documents on the Respondent. In a case such as this, where his whereabouts are unknown, once she has done a diligent search to locate the other party, such as Internet, etc., if she is unable to locate him, she can serve him by publication in a newspaper. She does not have to succeed in locating him to get divorced, but she must make a diligent effort to do so.

The entire process takes about 120 days and many law firms, such as The Sampair Group can complete the process for a flat fee.

Congratulations to your mom.

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