Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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How to Help Your Children Adapt to Two Homes

Arizona Divorce Law

Divorce isn’t a choice most couples think about on their wedding day, yet it still affects nearly half of all married couples. Yet the legal remedy for the end of a marriage can be necessary for the health and happiness of all parties involved. Divorce without children can be a more simple and expedient process, but the inclusion of children must be tended to carefully, particularly with how they acclimate following the separation.

To better prepare for life after divorce and to account for the comfort of your children, consider some of the following concepts encouraged by The Sampair Group.

Host Family Meetings

The easiest way to make your children comfortable in both homes is by allowing them the opportunity to air their concerns. Family meetings can be a great (and informal!) way to touch base with how everyone in the family is feeling. Get together for breakfast or share a lunch where your kids can talk about what they do and don’t like about their living situation.

Personal Space in Both Homes

Even though your child will be moving back and forth between homes, they should still have somewhere permanent and personal to them. Depending on how large your home is as well as the rooms available, try and give your children a bedroom in both houses. A special place where they can go to feel comfortable can go a long way toward helping them adapt, no matter their age. Let your kids decorate these areas to their heart’s content, so that they can feel like they own part of the space.

Respect Your Partner 

Divorce is a difficult subject to tackle in the best of situations, but don’t let that create toxicity between you and your children. Show respect to your partner by honoring their wishes and working with them wherever appropriate and agreed upon. Your children will get comfortable with the multi-home process much quicker when they see their parental figures behaving maturely and sticking to a schedule.

Keep the Necessities Available

Home doesn’t feel like home when you don’t have basic life necessities on hand. Make sure that your child always has their basic needs accounted for, no matter where they are staying. Toothbrushes, school supplies, bathing supplies, and clothing should always be within reach. Keep extra personal items around so that they can feel more comfortable within their spaces as well.

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