Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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How Will Caitlyn Jenner Handle Dating?

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From the moment Bruce Jenner announced he was transitioning to a woman, the media has covered every aspect of the story. Jenner has been called a “hero” for her courage, and now the story of Caitlyn is being chronicled on E’s show I am Cait. The program is a reality program that documents Jenner’s transition from Olympic superstar and husband of Kris Jenner, to Caitlyn Jenner. The show will hopefully answer some of the public’s questions about the transition, and provide insight into the issues transgenders and their family tackle.

One question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is whether Caitlyn will begin romantic relationships now that she has fully transitioned. A report on the topic provides the following information:

●          Good friend Candis Cayne has been by Caitlyn’s side since her transition began.

●          The friends have been spotted together, on a “date”, but sources say Caitlyn is apprehensive about moving too fast.

Issues like this arise not only for transgender couples, but also same sex couples, and those that are considered a “traditional” pair. When life changes, either through self-discovery or divorce, moving forward with your life is an important step towards independence. But, going too fast can backfire and cause more harm than good. Caitlyn is wise to take things slowly, as she adjusts to her new life. For you, if you are going through a divorce or are recently separated and considering divorce, take the time needed to figure out your needs before jumping into a new relationship. Therapists and counselors say moving too fast can lead to a failed relationship, and make it more difficult to form healthy relationships later.

Complications can also arise if you are getting a divorce, but have already started dating. It is best to wait for your divorce to be final before you begin a new relationship, because doing so will allow you to remain clear headed and on track. Divorce takes an emotional toll, and it is helpful to have a support network in place, but keeping your relationships on a friendship level will allow you to focus on your case and its resolution. For answers to your questions about divorce, relationships, and when it is OK to start dating again, call our office.

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