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In Arizona Superior Family Court how is child support calculated for two different orders?

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In Arizona Superior Family Court how is child support calculated for two different orders?

My first ex-wife lives in Pima county we have one child together and my second ex-wife lives in Maricopa County we have four children. My second wife makes a little more money then first wife, but she pays more for daycare expenses. I pay medical coverage for all children. I have two different support orders, but I do not make enough to pay both in full so my job spiltss my disposable income and gives wife number one 35% and wife two 65%. How can I make sure this is fair? I want to make sure each wife is receiving correct support? I am in the process of modifing both, but how will the court determine how much each wife gets?


First and foremost, you are required to pay ALL of your court ordered child support each month. In the event that your employer is only sending in a portion of what is court ordered, you are still required to pay the balance directly to the Clearinghouse by the due date. Failure to do so has serious consequences that include jail.

If you believe that you are paying too much, then yes, you should attempt to modify the child support order(s).

When the new calculations are done, each one deducts the court ordered child support amount(s) from your gross income when calculating the new amount. In other words, if you are required to pay $300 month on the Pima County case, and your gross monthly income is $3200, when they re-calculate the Maricopa County support, they will base it on you having a gross income of $2900, after allowing a reduction for the other child support ordered.

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