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Is there a child support agreement between the state of Arizona and the Country of Mexico?

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Is there a child support agreement between the state of Arizona and the Country of Mexico?

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and my boyfriend lives in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. I am pregnant with my first baby. Can I file for child support so I can be sure my boyfriend contributes his share?


Minimum wage in Mexico is 100 pesos a day, currently about $8.75 US per day. Most unskilled workers in Puerto Peñasco make less than $50 US per week.

If he is a Mexican national, even if he is a skilled worker living in Mexico, it is very doubtful that you would be able to get the AZ courts to order child support for many reasons, including lack of jurisdiction.

However, if he were to be served with child support paperwork while physically present in AZ, you might have some chance of obtaining some sort of child support order, but, even then, if he lives in Mexico, enforcement would be impossible.

If your boyfriend is an American, you may be able to go after him in the AZ courts for child support, however, there is no agreement between the US and Mexico for collecting child support.

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