Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Shocking Facts That Increase The Rate of Divorce In Arizona

Arizona Divorce Law

Most people have heard the statistic that nearly half of all marriages today will end in a divorce. Obviously, a good bit of that increase is caused by the growing acceptance and social normalcy of divorce now as opposed to 50 years ago. Nevertheless, most couples marry with the intent to stay together for life. , most couples who do get married want to have that happily ever after and believe they are marrying the person who is right for them. So what goes wrong?  The following are a few odd and probably unexpected things that can contribute to a marriage ending in a divorce:

  • Having Parents Who Were Divorced

Unfortunately, statistics show that people who grew up with parents who divorced are more likely to have a marriage end in divorce as well.

  • A Child-Free Marriage

If the couple wishes to have a family of their own, the lack of children and the inability or unwillingness to adopt can be a cause for some divorces.

  • Having Children

On the flip side, sometimes children come into the family when the couple wished to be child free and this also causes stress that can lead to divorces.

  • Multiples/Lots of Children

Some families want a lot of children but many want only one or two and having many children or having triplets or multiples can put stress on the marriage.

  • Unexpected Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a great deal of marital stress in some cases and a divorce is the result when the new parents can’t adapt to the situation.

  • Health and Medical Issues

When the other partner or other family members get sick or deal with major health issues and concerns sometimes the marriage cannot survive intact.

  • Financial Concerns

Issues such as debt, spending habits, job pay, and the like can cause married couples to dissolve the ties and break up in order to avoid that financial stress.

  • Smoking and Drinking

Sometimes habits form over time or things one partner thought was temporary ends up being a lifelong issue – smoking and drinking being the most common.

  • Young Love

Falling in love when you are young can be a romantic dream come true but it can also mean less maturity to deal with issues that arise in the marriage.

  • Inner Circle Divorce Rate

When family members or friends you are close to are having or talking of divorce, it may be more likely that the consideration crosses your mind.

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