Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Staying In A Bad Marriage Only Makes Things Worse

Arizona Divorce Law

Because getting divorced is a difficult decision to make and because most people try to stay away from unpleasant experiences it is not uncommon for married persons to stay together rather than dissolve their marriage. But doing so can have long lasting and harmful consequences. Staying in a bad marriage will only make matters worse and lead to unhealthy emotions. When you are not satisfied in your marriage, but stay anyway, you can soon resent your spouse and that resentment can lead to destructive behavior. The result is that you suffer, and so does your family.

Countless parents say they stay together “for the kids.” However in the majority of those cases the parents have a dysfunctional relationship. Staying in such a relationship with the kids merely teaches the kids how to have dysfunctional relationships.

The fear of being single is another reason most people stay in bad marriages. But, there are other reasons and a good article details a few:

●       Lack of the finances required to live as two separate people.

●   The need to be in a position of power.

●       Feelings of guilt for leaving, because doing so will be hurtful to the other person.

Countless numbers of married couples stay together when they should be apart. Change is hard, but remaining in a relationship that causes you more unhappiness than pleasure will ultimately result in emotional damage. This does not mean that divorce is your only option. There are other options and you can repair your relationship. Doing so takes a lot of hard work though and requires a complete commitment from both parties. We can help guide you towards a solution that works for you, which will also give you the confidence, needed to make difficult decisions. When you have all of the information and have explored all of your options you can rest easy knowing your decisions were made after having been well informed. Our team of family law professionals is here to help you make the choice works best your family.

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