Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

The Benefits of Legal Mediation

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In many cases, the decision for a divorce is mutual. For your and your spouse’s security, it is always recommended to have someone mediate meetings regarding how assets are to be divided. You never know when a dispute may arise and a mediator provides many benefits during the divorce process.

Swift Settlements

It can take a very long time to get a court date – sometimes up to a year. If the case is appealed, it might take another few years. Mediation often provides a more timely option for resolving disputers. Additionally, there is not a shortage of mediators who are ready and willing to assist parties who wish to settle matters quickly.

Less Intimidating

Being faced with attending court can often times be intimidating. There are many procedures and processes you need to remember to adhere by. In mediations, there aren’t any strict rules or procedure. This allows the parties to relax and find the best path to agreement. As a result, both parties leave happier and more satisfied with the conclusion of the mediation.

More Control

Negotiating your own settlement allows much more control over the outcome of a dispute. Decisions and agreements that are made are much more likely to be held up over time. If there is a dispute in the future, the parties are much more likely to utilize a cooperative outlet of problem-solving.

Customized Agreements

Concerns and disputes that are brought up by both parties are able to be addressed. This includes legal and non-legal issues. Mediated agreements often include psychological issues that are not necessarily a court issue. Every agreement is customized to your particular situation.

Financially Reasonable

In addition to providing a civil agreement between parties, hiring a mediator is very frequently a much cheaper option than going to court. If your finances are suffering in addition to your divorce, you and your spouse may want to consider a mediated meeting instead of lawyer and court fees.

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