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Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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The Post Office lost my divorce documents. What do I do now?

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The Post Office lost my divorce documents. What do I do now?

I thought the easiest way to serve my husband with divorce documents would be through the mail. I sent the documents to him via the United States Postal Service. It was certified mail with restricted delivery. The US Postal Service website shows the documents as “unclaimed.” His post office is telling me it was sent back to me. My post office is saying they haven’t gotten anything. What is the next step I should take? Will the courthouse give me duplicates free of charge?


His copies were identical to your copies, so you can simply copy your documents and send him copies of those. If for some reason you do not have copies for yourself, then the court will charge you $0.50 per page for copies from your file. Most attorneys do not use certified mail, as it is slow and often unsuccessful. Hiring a process server is what I would recommend.

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