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What are the steps taken to file for a divorce without a lawyer?

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Question: What are the steps taken to file for a divorce without a lawyer?

I need to know what steps I need from start to finish in order to divorce my husband that is in a Arizona prison. I live in Mammoth, Arizona and I want to go through the process on my own and not have to go through a lawyer.


Maricopa and some of the other counties in AZ have Self-Help Centers at the Superior Courts. You can find the forms you need along with the instructions for completing the forms. I do not know where Mammoth, AZ is, so I have no idea if the forms are provided in your county.

You will not get any kind of legal advice at the county courthouse. In fact, court employees are prohibited by law from giving you any type of legal advice. That can only be obtained from a lawyer. You may also want to look up “Arizona Revised Statutes – Divorce” and read the statutes before attempting to do this on your own.

Good luck!

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