Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

When These Three Things Don’t Keep Your Love Alive, Call Us For Help

Arizona Divorce Law

If you’ve ever had a “crush”, or felt the feelings of “puppy love”, you know all too well that sometimes relationships don’t last. Some people are able to make their marriages work and go the distance, while others do not have the same experience. There are several factors that contribute to making a relationship work, but it is just as important to know when things aren’t going your way and it may be time to consider calling it a day. Getting to your “happily ever after” can be hard, but it is even more difficult to try and make a square peg fit into a round hole. If your relationship isn’t working, it might be time to think about taking steps to dissolve the union.

The following three things, attributable to science, can help to keep a marriage intact. But, if these things do not work for you, there is no shame in contacting a professional for help:

●  Dedicate yourself to working hard to maintain a happy relationship. This way to keep your marriage alive comes from looking at arranged marriages. In this type of marriage, the parties usually do not know each other long before getting married, and so have to work hard to learn about each other and commit themselves to making the marriage work. This concept should also be applied to marriages that are not arranged, and when successful the hard work can result in a marriage that science says will last.

● Be willing to accept things as they are, and try not to force your spouse to change. If you enter a relationship or marriage with thoughts of changing the other person, you will surely be disappointed. Rather than looking for ways to “fix” what you perceive to be less than desirable qualities, focus on the good. When you replace negativity with positivity, the result can be a stronger relationship with a higher chance of longevity.

● Take risks, by agreeing to participate in activities that are outside of your comfort zone. When you do things you are not used to doing, you get results you are not used to getting. This can add excitement to your marriage, and help build a strong foundation that is less likely to crumble.

These examples, provided by relationship experts, are ways to help keep your relationship alive. These are not fail proof methods for ensuring you will not face a divorce, and if you are looking at ending your marriage, take the necessary steps to make sure your rights are protected. Call our office today to speak with a trained family law professional about your case.

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