Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: The Sampair Group

5 Reasons Your Attorney Is the Ultimate Source for Divorce Information

Arizona Divorce Law

There are many reasons to rely on your attorney during your divorce.

  1. Your attorney knows the law. The judge is going to rely on applying the law to the facts in your case to make a decision in your case. While it’s easy to pick up some basics about divorce law, your attorney has spent years learning the many nuances and details that will make a difference in your case and can explain everything you need to know.
  2. Your attorney can see the big picture. When you’re divorcing, you are in the middle of a hurricane of changes and emotions. It’s hard enough to think clearly about today, let alone your future five years from now. Your attorney can help you see the long-term implications of the decisions that are being made today and help you think through how best to position yourself for the future.
  3. Your attorney has been through hundreds of divorces. This is probably your very first divorce. Because your attorney has worked with so many people over the years, he has had the benefit of seeing many, many divorce cases which have provided him with perspective it is impossible to have when you are trying to work through your own divorce.
  4. Your attorney knows how to find money. The more money and assets there are to divide in the divorce, the more you will walk away with. Your attorney will help you find assets to be divided in the divorce and increase your share.
  5. Your attorney is an expert at strategy. A divorce case is about taking the law and the facts of the case and putting them together in a convincing and compelling way that will help you reach your goals. This is why you need an attorney for your case.

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