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Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Child Support Enforcement in Arizona

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Child support is an important obligation and is ordered by a court so that a child can have a stable standard of living and have his or her needs met completely. Because of this, child support enforcement is taken seriously by the courts of Arizona.

If a parent does not make his or her child support payments, there are a variety of ways the order can be enforced. Arizona courts can enforce the order and Arizona Department of Child Support Enforcement both have the authority and ability to deal with parents who do not pay. The DCSE Child Support Evader program can help only when more than $5000 in back support is owed, child support has been unpaid for 6 months and there is an arrest warrant. Nonpayment of child support can result in serious repercussions which can include:

  • Income Withholding.  Regularly scheduled child support can be paid via an income withholding order that takes the funds directly from the paying parent’s paycheck. Overdue child support can also be withheld in this way.
  • Credit Reporting. The Department of Child Support Enforcement reports to credit reporting bureaus about child support payments and when payments are more than 180 days overdue, this will appear on the credit report as a collection account. This can negatively impact the parent’s ability to obtain a loan or mortgage.
  • State Tax Refund. State tax refunds can be withheld to meet overdue child support obligation greater than $50.
  • Seizure of Assets. When child support goes unpaid for more than 12 months, bank accounts and other assets may be seized to repay the debt.
  • Property Liens. Liens can be put in place against a home or car for unpaid support, so that when the asset is sold, funds will be recouped to pay the obligation.
  • License Suspension. Child support that is more than 6 months overdue may result in the suspension of a professional license, recreational license, or driver’s license.
  • Seizure of Lottery Winnings. A lottery winning of more than $600 can be seized to repay overdue child support.
  • Placement on the Wanted List. A parent who owes more than $5000 in back child support can have an arrest warrant issued against them and their photo can be placed on the Wanted list created by the Arizona Department of Economic Security.
  • Civil Contempt of Court. The court can issue this order and this can result in fines or jail time.

Because DCSE assistance is slower and fraught with time delays, it is important that you have an attorney who can help you enforce your child support order and receive the funds you and your child need as quickly as possible.

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