Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Ease the Pain and Impact of Divorce on Your Children

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In today’s society, divorce is something that more and more children are having to experience. Today, one in two marriages ends in divorce and for most of these marriages, children are involved. Through the stress and complications that divorce proceedings can bring, children often get lost in the mess. For a child, their parent’s separation is emotional enough to deal with. It is important to acknowledge this before it happens and find ways to handle the situation so that your child is not negatively affected by the breakup of your marriage.

It’s fine to talk about the difficult feelings that divorce is bringing up for you, but do not burden your children with the details. As they grow and develop, they may need new information, and as time goes by and they are at a more appropriate age, different information might be okay to express. However, try not to fully hide your feelings. If you lightly express some of your stresses, this may open up an opportunity for your child to share their own feelings, which in turn can relieve some of the fear and anger they may have about the divorce, and you can talk with them about it.

Keep your children out of the middle of any conversations or arguments. If you have anything negative to say about the other parent, keep these conversations separate from the child. They should be allowed to express their own feelings, not have thoughts put onto them by one parent. If needed, seek the assistance of a mediator or Phoenix family law attorney to discuss any personal or legal issues without involving the child.

Never hesitate to assure the child that they are not to blame for the divorce and that both parents love them. Sympathize with their feelings about the divorce and any other drama between you and your spouse, and help them feel comfortable to express their feelings openly to both of you.

Instead of expressing bitterness toward your ex, or implying that they aren’t as good a parent as you, you should want your child to have a good relationship with both of you. Continue to support and foster their relationship in every way you can so the child doesn’t feel guilty of spending time with the other parent.

Make it a point to establish new traditions in your household, especially around the holidays or special events like birthdays. Look for fun activities that can help relieve stress for both of you, and make it something special that the child can look forward to having with you as a tradition that you didn’t have before.

Children can easily become stressed and emotional during a divorce, and may start showing behaviors of anger, difficulty concentrating in school, mood changes, etc. It’s very important to keep an eye out for any signs of emotional distress and seek help at the first sign of trouble.

The advice of a divorce attorney can provide you with the guidance you need to make the best decisions for you and your family during a divorce. Keep your child’s well being a priority by seeking the assistance of a divorce attorney that will help you make the best decisions for visitation, child support, and custody.