Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Gathering Necessary Documents For Your Divorce Attorney

Phoenix family law attorney

Once you have come to the decision to file for divorce, you need to immediately being gathering the proper documents that will be needed during the divorce process. At The Sampair Group, our Glendale family law attorneys will help you obtain documents that you may not already have in order to create a successful case for you. Here is a list of documents that you will need to give to your divorce attorney for their records in your case. You should keep the originals of all documents and make copies for your attorney.

Personal Documents

– Your current driver’s license
– Social security cards/numbers for you, your spouse and all children
– Immunization and naturalization papers
– Full addresses and phone numbers of both spouses
– The date and county of the marriage.
– Information about any prior marriage of either spouse, including a certified copy of the divorce decree.
– Full names, birth dates/certificates, Social Security numbers, and addresses of all children of the marriage, and their schools and grades.

Divorce Related Documents

– A copy of any domestic contracts (i.e. prenuptial agreements)
– Information about any previous legal proceedings between the spouses or involving any of the children (e.g. restraining orders, domestic violence orders)
– Dates and particulars about any previous separations, attempts at reconciliation, or marriage counseling

Financial Documents

– Your previous three year’s income tax return, and any related data from the IRS.
– Information about your current income, copies of pay stubs, financial records for any businesses you or your spouse owns.
– A list of substantial assets and liabilities of both spouses
– Copies of any applications for credit, such as mortgage applications, which often contain a wealth of helpful information.
– Copies of bank account numbers and statements, either joint or separate, including checking and savings.

Employment Records

– Three most-recent pay stubs for you and your spouse
– Offer letters if starting new job
– Employment contracts for current jobs

Tax Documents

– Individual and business income tax returns for the past 3-5 years, both state and federal
– W-2 statements from the past 3-5 years for both parties

Retirement Accounts and Information

– Pensions and Annuities
– 401(K) and other retirement funds
– IRA’s (contributory and non-contributory)

Residential and Commercial Property Information

All of this information should include addresses and any information pertaining to outstanding mortgages and any other loans against the property.
– Primary Residence (including a list of who is currently occupying the property)
– Rental/investment properties (including rent roll and/or financial statements for last three years and copies of leases).
– Vacation homes
– Time shares (based on points, weeks, or other conditions)
– Commercial property (including current tenets and leases)
– List of property owned by each party prior to marriage
– Information on any outstanding tax liens
– Insurance documents related to each property

Personal Property Documents

Pictures are beneficial to include with these documents. Also indicate if the item was obtained during the marriage or which spouse brought it into the marriage.
– Collectible items including: antiques, stamps, coins, baseball cards, artwork
– Personal items such as jewelry, computers, clothing and furs
– Any vehicles you or your spouse own outright including cars and boats

Other Documents

– Location and contents of any safety deposit boxes
– Rental agreement if you currently rent your primary residence or vacation home
– Explanations of any inheritance received during the marriage (including from whom and date)
– Any current or future interest from trusts and details regarding conditions.
– Paperwork for any loans you have co-signed for others but are currently not the direct payor
– Auto insurance information – carrier name, policy number
– Vehicles covered, insured, and the term period for these agreements

These are just some of the documents required for your case and your divorce attorney may ask you for more. The divorce process can be an emotional and intimidating time, and the Phoenix divorce lawyers at The Sampair Group are here to help you with your case and reach successful results while helping you stay legally protected.