Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
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Important Things To Consider When Served With Divorce Papers

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In the last blog post, we talked about what happens when you are served divorce papers and how to approach the process. There are also some important factors to consider and know about so you can remain protected in all aspects of the divorce and what is to come.

First, it is important to see an attorney immediately. Being served with divorce papers means your spouse has already hired a divorce lawyer to get those papers to you in the first place. At The Sampair Group, we will help you understand your rights and obligations in a divorce case. We will also help you learn the process of filing a response to the papers you were served with and how to do it in a timely matter so you are not at loss for any of your rights.

Gather all important and relevant information and documents, including financial information for both you and your spouse, such as bank statements, pay stubs, titles, retirement account information, loan agreements, etc. Having this information on hand will be helpful in determining how assets will be divided, and will help the judge determine spousal support and other issues. These documents should also include any documents regarding your children, such as medical records, school records, photos, and other documents that could help you prove that you are a fit parent.

Think before you act. Don’t do anything that could later hurt your case. This can include a range of things, including, but not limited to taking part in any domestic dispute, being charged with any kind of crime, post things on the internet that could later be used against you, or getting involved with someone else romantically before your divorce is final.

Keep a journal or record of events. In it, keep track of everything that you can use for your case, such as all activities, phone calls and other interactions you have with your children, any refusals from your spouse if you request to see or talk to your kids, and anything else that may be helpful to your case.

While you may be angry at your spouse, your children still need both parents, so it is important not to try and take your kids away from them unless there are dangerous circumstances in which the court finds that they are not a fit parent. If there is no history of abuse or neglect from your spouse toward the children, and you try and take your children away from them, the court will not look favorably on your side. The same aspects apply to your spouse as well if they try and take the kids away from you.

Do your best to not involve your children in the conflict between you and your spouse. Nothing that is happening between you two is their fault, and they should not see or hear about any of the negative parts of the process. It is not healthy for your kids to be involved in adult conversations or arguments. If a judge hears about this happening, it will not look good for either of you.

Always put your children’s needs first during the entire divorce process and afterward. More agreements and understanding between you and your spouse can result in lower divorce and custody proceeding costs. Being civil will help the process continue faster, but you should be basing most of your decisions on the best interests of your children.

For more information on divorce and how to take the best approach when served with divorce papers, contact a Glendale divorce attorney at The Sampair Group.