Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Three Things To Know Before Filing For Divorce

Arizona Divorce Law

The decision to file for divorce is hard one to make, and should only be done after a lot of careful consideration. But the process is different for everyone and you have to make sure that filing to end your marriage is right for you. Coming to this decision can be done through independent thought, with the help of family and friends, or after counseling from a qualified professional. However there is one person that you should talk to first, so you are prepared for what lies ahead and will have an idea of what to expect during your case. That person is a knowledgeable family law attorney, and we can give you the information you need to help make this hard decision.

Arizona divorce laws address every issue that may potentially arise in a divorce case. The following three seem to be the most frequently asked, and the most important for many people considering filing for divorce:

  • How will your property be divided, and what will you be responsible for after the divorce? Most people need to know what bills will be paid by which party, and who will get to keep the house. This type of information comes in handy when planning a future budget and when trying to figure out if you will need to pack up and move. The Courts strive for an equitable distribution of property, and what this means is that the Court will make orders that are considered fair. This does not necessarily mean equal, so you should not expect an exact 50/50 split of all of your property and bills.
  • Who will get Legal Decision Making (formerly known in Arizona as “Custody”) of the kids? Knowing that your kids’ lives will remain as unchanged as possible can be a great comfort if you are getting divorced. Part of this means knowing where your kids will live. If a move is necessary, that could also include changing schools and making new friends. It is hard enough for a child to have their family split up, and making other changes can add to their stress level. But if you have an idea of where your kids will live you can help them make the adjustment easier.
  • After custody is determined the next logical question is how much child support will be paid and how has to make the payment? This information is helpful when planning vacations, budgets, and after school activities. There is a formula the Courts use for determining child support and it can quickly become complex. The formula takes into account the earnings of each party, but can also be deviated from in the event of special circumstances. In order to identify any special circumstances in your case the skill of a trained family law attorney is needed.

Reaching an agreement on these things before filing is helpful, but not required. Our job is to find solutions to all of the issues of your case, and we do that by talking with you about your needs. Call today for more information.

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