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What is a Purge Order? What is it’s function? How do you request or do it?

Arizona Divorce Law

Q: I am going to be Petitioning to enforce for unpaid medical bills that my ex’s doesn’t pay her half of even though all bills are scanned and emailed to her timely after services are rendered for our kids and I will be asking that the court hold my ex in contempt of Court. I have gotten advice on a purge order too, but I do not know if that is something I need to do or ask for along with the contempt request and I do not know it’s purpose.

Patrick’s answer: When a party is held in contempt one of the powers the Court has is to require the party held in contempt pay to the other party a lump sum of money in full or partial satisfaction of the amount owed that party. This lump sum is called a purge which means that it is paid to avoid further sanctions and purge the violator of the contempt. Often the payment is to avoid going to jail for non-payment. You should definately ask for a purge amount expecially if the amount owed is significant.

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