Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

When to Tell People About Your Divorce

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Deciding to get a divorce may be a decision that comes to you gradually, or you may be surprised when your spouse announces he wants one. Whether you gradually build up to divorce or it happens suddenly, it can be difficult to know when you should share your news with others.

At first, when your divorce is something you are processing and maybe even still deciding about, it’s best to keep the news close. You definitely need people to talk to, so close friends and family need to know what you’re going through so they can support you and provide a sounding board. It can be confusing at this point to tell a lot of people because you will end up getting a lot of input you don’t want, which may not be helpful at all.

It will be important to talk to an attorney as soon as you begin considering a divorce, even if you’re not sure you really want one. Your financial advisor may also need to be involved in your discussions to help you plan for the future as you divide assets.

If you are going through a courtroom or mediation process for your divorce that will require you to take time from work, you will likely need to let your boss know what is going on once the process begins. Co-workers do not need to know until you are comfortable making your situation public. Some people prefer not to let them know until the end, when there is little left to discuss.

If you have children, you will want to let the school know what’s going on so that teachers and counselors understand what your child is going through. Some schools offer support groups that may be helpful. Once you start dividing time through a parenting plan, you may want to let the parents of your child’s closest friends know to explain why play dates may become more challenging to schedule.

You will know when you are ready to let the rest of the world know about your divorce. Some people find that it helps them to be able to talk about it in casual conversation. Others just don’t want to share at all. Do what feels comfortable for you.

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