Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Phoenix divorce attorney

Many people wonder if they really need an attorney for their divorce or family law case. If you and your spouse agree about many things, it might seem like you don’t need to hire an attorney. No matter how amicable your split is, there are many important reasons why you need an attorney.

  • An attorney can explain all of your rights. You are likely entitled to things you have no idea about. An attorney can give you all the information about your rights under state law and help you decide what you need.
  • Your attorney understands court procedure. Divorce and family law cases involve hard deadlines and specific requirements by the court. If a document you submit is not worded correctly, you could lose out on important benefits or rights.
  • A lawyer sees the big picture. Your attorney has handled many family court cases and understands the long-term implications of everything involved in your case. He or she can help you think about not only what you want and need today, but what you will want your decree to contain five, ten and fifteen years from now.
  • The attorney’s advice is not influenced by the emotional devastation you may be feeling as the result of the breakup of the relationship between you and your ex. Your attorney should be able to be clear headed and provide you advice based upon your desires balanced with the legal chances of achieving those desires.
  • Legal counsel provides you with the opportunity to use a sounding board. If you represent yourself you have no idea how what you are asking for or planning to say will be received by the court. Your lawyer helps you work through every detail of your case and understand its implications before you go to court.
  • Your attorney is probably going to be able to settle your case. Most cases settle before a trial. If you represent yourself it is often difficult to negotiate with your spouse who may very well be driven by desires different than your goals.

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