Change isn't Always Negative we can help there is a positive future ahead
Change isn't Always Negative, we can help you move on there is a positive future ahead
By: Sampair Group

Two Ways To “Divorce Proof” Your Marriage

Arizona Divorce Law

It seems like for every story of a happily ever after, there is a tale of divorce or separation. Marriage and divorce go together like peanut butter and jelly, and even the couples that seem to be destined to stay together forever can find themselves in the middle of a contested divorce on a moment’s notice. To support this statement, one need look no further than to Hollywood. There are stories after stories about celebrity weddings, and those are followed by rumors of divorce or a report that a favorite power couple has called it quits. 2015 was the year of celebrity divorce, and for many the report of a star break up can be a wake-up call for their own marriage.

One of the more recent celebrations of celebrity marriage is that of Witney Carson, of Dancing With the Stars fame. Carson wed her longtime boyfriend on January 1, 2016, and the two seem blissfully in love. Will this be the celebrity union that lasts? There is no way to tell, and the same can be said of every marriage. There is really no real way to “divorce proof” your marriage but here are two tips, taken from Carson’s dance card:

  • Take the time you need to get to know your mate before getting married. It can be a real eye opener to wake up next to your spouse after a short courtship, to feel like you don’t know the person who just put a ring on your finger. Everyone’s timeline is different and you have to do what feels right to you, but historical data shows that those who take the time to find out about common goals and ideals have a higher chance of a successful marriage than those who do not take this time.
  • Keep things simple. Time and again we have seen over the top celebrations one day, and news of divorce make headlines the next. The focus should be on your marriage, not on your wedding.

In Carson’s case, while the engagement was short, the time of courtship dates back several years. The wedding, while publicized, remained small by Hollywood standards. Time will tell if this newest celebrity couple will make it, and back in reality it is best to focus on your needs. If you have tried everything you can to save your marriage, but divorce is the answer, call us for help. We will take the steps needed to protect your interests, and those of your children. We work hard for results that include fair distribution of property, manageable child custody and visitation schedules, and support that meets your needs. Call one of our experienced family law attorneys today to learn more.

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